Dear Staff at Towne Jewelers,

To a wonderful staff and for a great place to shop for beautiful jewelry.

My husband purchased a custom made engagement ring from Towne Jewelers. He worked with Steve to make his image of my engagement ring one that he wanted and he knew I would love. I love my ring because it represents elegance, tradition, and thoughtfulness. The band was also custom made to match the engagement ring. It is so beautiful!!!

I also purchased my husband’s wedding band there as well since they had a great selection to choose from. The staff are warm, professional, funny, and have a genuine interest in pleasing their customers. Thank you!



This jeweler is amazing! We worked with Steve from the engagement rings to our wedding bands. Both my rings were custom and gorgeous. Steve made everything so easy for my fiancé. It was fun every time we went in there. Steve was very diligent and informative. He was sure to provide us with everything we wanted and was so kind throughout the entire process. We highly recommend their services!

Christine and Jeff Kerns


The owners at Towne Jewelers took my idea of what I wanted and created the perfect ring. I am in love with it. I still stare at all day long ūüôā The owners are the nicest people in the world and are so willing to help!! Love them! Now go to them for all of your jewelry needs!

Megan A.


My fiancé bought my engagement ring from Michael. And Michael was kind enough to show him what he had and asked about what my fiancé had in mind. My fiancé said Michael took the time to show him the differences in diamonds and gave him the background on the diamond he chose for me. He did an amazing job! I have also had the pleasure of meeting Michael. He is   the nicest man. He is very sweet and knows diamonds!!!! I recommend him to all my friends and family. You will not be disappointed!!!!! Thank you Michael for everything!!!!!

Irene K.


This is definitely a 5-star establishment. ¬†The guys at Towne Jewelers are extremely kind and courteous to their customers. ¬†They have a great selection of jewelry to pick from. ¬†And if they don’t have what you are looking for, they’ve got the skills and know-how to design and make it for you. ¬†My wife couldn’t be happier with the ring that was designed for her by Steve. ¬†If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, a gift for that special someone, or even just something for yourself, this is a great place to start.

Ryan C.


Best customer service. Very friendly. Jewelry is beautifully displayed.

Lyle P.


Our Tuesday ended like this:Him: Do you have to immediately get home? Me: Depends. Him: Depends on what? Me: Depends on what you’re thinking of doing next…Him: It’s a surpriseMe: Isn’t it always? (smiling) Him: Just drive where I tell you to drive…We pull into the shopping center behind my house. Are we going to Henry’s? He did say I needed grocery. So maybe. But that’s not really much of a surprise. Party city? Um.. The hardware store? He’s finally going to fix my futon. That’s not really surprise-worthy either. We walk up to this jewelry store. It’s no surprise that we love each other. We’ve talked about getting married for a long time now but haven’t actually committed to the idea. Why? Because we’re in a long distance relationship. One of us would have to move. But who? So why are we here? He wants to know what I like so I won’t have to look at the ring and “pretend” to like it only to somehow later find a way to tell him I hate it or want to change it. He knows how picky I am. He doesn’t want to guess at this stuff. This place isn’t a crazy high end store either but they carry some big name jewelry. I wasn’t too thrilled with the diamond engagement rings. I just wasn’t happy. The salesman couldn’t get a smile out of me and I kept rejecting everything. Luckily my boyfriend is very patient. Am I lucky girl or what? He knows I don’t like diamonds but that’s kinda what engagement rings are made of. I finally found a style I liked and then my wonderful boyfriend said “we actually want that in purple.” God bless him. He didn’t know the exact name of the stone but he knew I was different and I wanted my ring to be unique. So today there’s no ring on my finger but soon I’ll have a purple ring when they can special order the stone and mount it.

Sukhraj B.


Let me start by saying that it’s an honor to be the first person to give Towne Jewelers a review on Yelp. Towne Jewelers is operated by a World-Class Team that I have been extremely fortunate to have discovered. I went there to purchase an engagement ring for my fiance, they have an excellent selection to choose from with a good range of styles. I didn’t end up buying a ring, but instead designed my own with the help of Steve Todd – who is a master in his profession. Steve really worked with me in every aspect of designing my engagement ring, educating me and fine tuning everything to create a beautiful and timeless engagement ring which my fiance absolutely loves. The experience was Excellent! the execution was Outstanding! I would highly recommend Towne Jewelers to everyone! I posted some pictures of the ring I designed here – take a look!

Rick R..


I too, worked with Stephen at Towne and have nothing but high praise for him and the store. ¬†With a few computer printouts in hand, I walked in as green as can be about a year ago to find an engagement ring. ¬†I ended up having it custom made due to the unique detail we wanted and it came out beautifully. ¬†Since then, I’ve been back in a few times and purchased other items. ¬†We’re currently having my fiancees wedding band made to match and have no doubt it will come out wonderfully too. ¬†I highly recommend you check out Towne Jewelers!

Steve M.


If you need anything from a watch battery to a twenty carat diamond necklace…Towne is the jewerly store for you. ¬†They have a wonderful selection of settings, stones, custom made pieces, famous name brands and more. ¬†If you don’t see what you have in mind – no problem – just talk with Steve Todd or Michael Jaggerman and they can make it for you. ¬†Steve has designed and made several amazing pieces of jewelry for me over the years. ¬†I have known him for over 25 years and can recommend him 100 percent. ¬†I just love walking in there and looking…well, I love walking out with a Towne shopping bag even more!

Joyce S.


My first visit to this store was more curiosity than anything else. In the market for a wedding band, I decided to meander my way in here to check out their collection before running my daily errands. The gentleman who helped me try on different rings was not only courteous but very knowledgeable about each piece I picked out. No sales pressure, no flippant attitude, no rudeness at all like I’ve experienced at some other establishments. This was when I first saw what was soon to be my wedding band. Beautifully brilliant. High-quality. And the sparkle of the diamonds was so vivacious and fiery. My second visit was with my fiance. This time, we met with a lovely lady named Ruth (the owner’s wife), who proceeded to let me try on half of the store. Ruth was very patient, informative, and made us feel relaxed throughout the entire experience. She is just the sweetest lady! Again, I kept returning back to the wedding band I saw during my first visit, a platinum TIVOL with a gorgeous row of diamonds going across the top. We visited the store a third time a week later after having spent the day trying on bands at every other jewelry shop in the area. But it was obvious at this point that I had found “the one.” After trying on a few other pieces with Ruth, I bit the bullet and made my final decision.¬† Fortunately for us, we bought the band during a holiday sale, so we received not only a fabulous discount but also a complimentary wedding band for my fiance. How’s that for value? And Ruth’s husband even gave us an additional discount because… well, they’re just amazing like that. While we waited for my ring to be resized (a free service when you buy the ring, of course), we were offered complimentary bottled waters and chocolates. It’s a small gesture, but being a designer, I know firsthand how big of an impact the little details can make. And I must say that the customer experience here is nothing short of phenomenal. I will definitely be coming back for the lifetime of free cleanings and inspections for my new wedding band! (And to check out their ever-changing selection.) If you’re in the market for fine jewelry without the snobby attitude, then give Towne Jewelers a try. Like its collection of rings, this family-owned business is all class.

Candice K.


They are great! I got my very favorite Tahitian black pearl necklace there. I wear it every single day!

Cindy Sherrill


We have been going to Towne Jewelry for past 13 years. Michael, Ruth and Steve make it a real pleasure to shop in this store. We have had custom made jewelry for very special occasions and very pleased with Steve’s design ideas.

Tim D.


What can I say about Towne Jewelers that you don’t know if you ever stepped foot in the store! Quality All around from service and final engagement ring. The time Steve Todd took with us from the beginning to the end with me was the best experience. Taking our vision to the final product was 100% more then what I expected. I have had Towne Jewelers make other pieces for me, and every time I see the final piece I still can’t believe that they out did there selfs again. I will till you that you will not be disappointed, and I guarantee if you walk into Towne Jewelers you will never have to go anywhere else for a Jeweler. Thank you for making our special day the best day of our lives.

David and Annette B.


I just had the pleasure of seeing my sister Beth’s new ring. And more importantly I had the pleasure of seeing her excitement!! I knew you would exceed expectations as you did when I restyled my ring. I’m so glad she came to you (as the little sister suggested). Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience. She works so very hard for her family and is truly deserving of such a beautiful wedding ring (with original, sentimental parts)

You all are such “gems”

Thanks again,

Amy Jones


I received my beautiful ring. It looks perfect. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all you’ve done. You are the best. As my son would say, “You are the MVP”.

Thank you again,

Barbara Ruck


I’m looking forward to seeing Sally with her new ring and hearing about her reaction when she first saw it!

Thank you,



I love the jewelry I purchased at Towne Jewelers. Thanks Michael, Ruth, and Steve! I get many compliments on my rings and pendant.

Love, Ann